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Between You and Theo Heyliger

Earlier messages
Theo Heyliger 04 December 2009 at 10:59 Report
So when are we going to meet to discuss your ideas ? I am off island next week. Let me know
Christine Hughes 04 December 2009 at 11:53
I think you want to meet me before you leave.
Probably asap.
I believe I have some alternative insight and perspective that might be helpful to you.
Let me know what you’re thinking,
and do what’s best for you.
Christine Hughes 07 December 2009 at 07:36
riddle me this
will the proof
presented to the prosecution
be enough to
put J Rollocks
in prison,
and if it is enough
who will he take down with
AAAAAAAAAAh, but you already know all of this.
Christine Hughes 09 December 2009 at 16:08
I know that you’re cautious
but you need to figure
this thing out.
And you def. need to
know who your enemies are.
I don’t care what you’ve been told
you are a
persona non grata
with power
so recognize your worth
and figure out
that you are the big fish
but so far you’ve managed to
elude the dragnet.
These are facts.
You are a target,
but everybody’s been just dancin
around you.
there are issues and arguments
that they want to present
against you
to make you less of a viable
to neutralize you
so figure it out.
and if you have the balls, just respond.
Or deal with the fall out.
Something tells me that I’ll be in Chicago or Lisbon
when it happens
We need to know if you’re friend or foe
so figure it out
and enjoy your day
and if you’re listening to
any source in the DP
you are fucking nuts!
And the NA don’t know enough,
about what’s going on
to advise you
they only know
what the DP is telling them
or what Julian is telling his cousin
Recognize where you stand.
Christine Hughes 08 February 2010 at 15:22
Hello Theo,
I see that you now might fear me,
which is okay.
One of the DP members has let me know that Mr Rollocks and Jeffrey Richardson needs their passwords to access their email and online accounts.
I have been unable to speak to Mr Rollocks, so if you do, let him know, that all he has to do is call me.
Jeffrey Richardson, same thing.
I know that you speak to both, at some levels.
So maybe you can be a friend, and pass the word along, it makes my life more difficult, having all of these random passwords floating around in my head.
don’t be scarce šŸ™‚

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